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Soundtrek, a travel and music television show for Fox Traveller was an experience over three months over 18 locations including Leh, Srinagar, Shillong, Lucknow, Udaipur, Maheshwar and Delhi. It was an exhausting run with the crew getting only a few days break in between and travelling from location to location with a new musician and collaborator every episode, different food to taste, and gorgeous locations in each city. Research was key in this process. Before the crew arrived in each city, planning and production needed to be thorough, so that the shoot happened in clockwork motion. All the episodes were filmed successfully.

Creative Director: Mahesh Mathai
Directors: Mahesh Mathai, Devrath Sagar, Abhijeet Chabbra
Executive Producer: Srila Chatterjee
DOP: Karan Kumar Sachdev, Aditi Kumar, Riju Das, Kevin
Producer: Achal Sinha, Shonali Sarda, Pravin Sarmalkar, Karuna D’Souza
Writers: Juhi Pande
Sound : Tarun Bhandari, Royston D’lima